Transcending Sex – Discover the Easy Way on How You Can Go Beyond Sex and Live Blissfully!

Sex is a natural instinct that we all are born with. It is nature’s way of procreation and is among the biggest mysteries for man. We all are enchanted by its overwhelming power and the influence it exerts on our life. In this article, discover how you can easily transcend sex and achieve a blissful life.

The life of the modern man is dominated by sex. The industry and the advertisers have also recognized the influence sex exerts on man and have abused this quality. Anything can be sold to the modern man – all that needs to be done is to place the picture of a woman besides the product!

If sex remains natural and spontaneous then it never becomes a problem, but in the case of modern man it has become obsessive. Sexual thoughts just continue to stay in his mind all day long. A majority of the people are not satisfied with their sex lives! This creates repression, anguish and frustration.

What needs to be understood is that sex is not an end in itself. If we just run towards fulfilling our sexual desires, then we remain a slave to the temporary pleasure that it gives.

The fact is that the sexual energy is not only a means of procreation, but it is also a means of achieving greater levels of consciousness and spirituality! All one needs to know is how to channelize it in the proper way.

The sexual act is the natural means towards which our body energy flows and it has been created by nature that way. If we are desirous of achieving higher planes of consciousness, we need to channelize our body energy into higher points of consciousness in our body called the chakras.

There are many ways how this channelizing of our subtle energy can be achieved. Some of the methods are meditation, mantra chanting, tantra, conscious relaxation (yoga nidra) and prayer.

It is really very easy to live blissfully once we learn the right techniques. It might be surprising to you, but the fact is that sex is not the only and the biggest joy; there are deeper planes of bliss and serenity that can be achieved by understanding our mind and unlocking its vast potential.

Vijay Kumar Raisinghani is an avid proponent of the use of easy and simple meditation techniques for a healthier stress-free living. Besides being an Active meditator, his interests include Spirituality, Meditation, Buddhism and Zen.